Working with Australia’s Leading Fashion Companies

FBI Student Stephanie Audino

Digital Marketing Coordinator | The Iconic
E-Commerce Coordinator | Carla Zampatti

1- What was your career goal when you first started at FBI?

I wasn’t 100% certain what part of the industry I wanted to be part of. I signed up to the Fashion Business course and got a feel of what I liked through the subjects taught. I had my eyes on magazines, marketing and brand management.

2- Tell us about some internships you have completed at FBI. What were your tasks and responsibilities?

I was always so excited to receive emails about upcoming internships at FBI so I tried to get my hands on as many opportunities as possible. I first interned at Instyle Magazine, spending every Tuesday in the glorious fashion cupboard. I loved working in magazines and putting my hand up for work even beyond the fashion cupboard – like working at events. I loved it so much that my 3-month internship at Instyle ended up being a year. I also had a few styling roles – working as a stylist assistant for editorial shoots with Mark Vassallo. My final internship (which granted me a job) was at Carla Zampatti. I hadn’t tapped into any internships that offered PR and marketing experience so wanted to understand that part of Fashion Business. I think choosing internships that allow you to vary in roles and see different parts of the Fashion Industry is crucial in helping you find what you love and a great opportunity to network.

3- How did you feel when you got your position as ‘Digital Marketing Coordinator’ at The Iconic?

Working in ecommerce and marketing, I admired everything THE ICONIC was about. I was intrigued at how fast pace the business was growing, the vast product assortment and the businesses impressive delivery options. I applied for the role advertised on LinkedIn and was so happy when I got a call the next day.

4- What does a typical day at The Iconic look like?

My role is all about supporting the Marketing Merchandiser & Brand Partnerships Manager in end to end campaign management and retail merchandising. I work within the retail and trade team, so an integral part of my role is ensuring marketing activity is customer focused and achieves commercial objectives. Day to day involves working with different teams across the business including our in house production team, buyers and category admin. I get to work on partnerships with leading domestic and international brands and merchandising key retail stories everyday.

5- What are your main tasks as Digital Marketing Coordinator?

I am always sending and receiving emails – my inbox is always full! I am continuously communicating with external brands and internal teams to ensure commercial objectives are delivered across channels – think social, website, EDM and iOS app. Analysing data and providing insights is key – understanding what worked well and what didn’t. On a weekly basis I am working with our internal production and editorial content team to produce and develop content and concept imagery for campaigns. I work with the Merchandise Manager to provide post campaign analysis too. Admin is standard – generating promo codes, sku lists and updating the marketing calendar. Always having the customer in mind is a task that never ends – everything we do from creative, messaging and experience needs to always be customer focused.

6- Name other Fashion companies you have worked with and what your positions were?

Before working at THE ICONIC I worked at Carla Zampatti. I was with the Carla Zampatti team for four years and worked my way up the company. After interning there for three months, I applied for a casual Online Assistant role as I was still studying at FBI and university at the time. I soon gained a full time role as the E-commerce Coordinator.

7- How do you feel the use of social media in Fashion has helped you with your position?

Social media is an amazing tool that has really transformed the Fashion Industry. I often look to social media for inspiration, to seek influencers and be in the know of everything and anything Fashion. We carry our phones where ever we go, they are an extension of us, thus through social media I can be connected to a brand, a person and an item on a local, national and international scale whenever I want to tap into a social network.

8- Can you share 3 tips for someone wanting to get into Digital Marketing?

  • Always be curious. Working in the digital industry means that platforms, processes and tools can often change quickly so a good Digital Marketer needs to be open to change and curious about what’s next.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Digital Marketing is all about understanding digital tools and social media is one of the most influencing. I recommend anyone wanting to get in the industry to work on your own Instagram page and / or create a blog and brand yourself. Building a strong public online brand is great way to showcase your ideas and skills. Trust me, it will come up!
  • Internships are the best way to get your foot in the door. Luckily, FBI have done all the hard work for you and made the initial contacts so all you have to do is take the initiative and go for it! You will learn so much, see so much and network with so many people through interning. Remember, the industry is small and one always remembers a good intern.

9- What has been the best advice given to you by an FBI trainer?

I remember going to a FBI guest speaker night with Pip Edwards a couple of years ago. She was working at General Pants at the time. I remember her real can-do attitude, which made me really admire her. She said “take a risk and trust your instinct”.

10- What do you see yourself doing in the next 3 years?

I hope to be leading a team for an amazing company – making newsworthy / insta worthy Marketing decisions.

Interviewed by Nicole Oraha | FBI Fashion College