When in Paris…

FBI Student Anita van Lohuizen

FBI Global Fashion Experience – Paris 2016

What made you want to attend the FBI Global Fashion Experience trip to Paris and  how did you feel when you found out your application had been successful?

I was interested in the GFE experience because I thought it would be a great addition to my course at FBI. I have always loved to travel but to go to the fashion capital of the world and doing a short course at one of the world‚Äôs best fashion schools, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up! I was extremely excited when I found out my application was successful and I couldn’t wait for it all to happen.

It can be nerve-racking going overseas with a group of people you don’t know; how did you find the other students?

When I applied for the trip I did not know anyone else going. I was excited to meet everyone as I knew this is such a great experience and it is even better doing it with new but like-minded people. The group of students were all so lovely, many of us couldn’t wait to plan catch ups once we got back to Sydney!

You studied a course in Fashion Luxury à la Francaise РThe Business of Fashion & Luxury in France at the 5th best Fashion School in the world, how was this experience?

The course we studied was excellent. It gave an overview of all aspects of luxury fashion, including the history, business and design areas of the industry. The teachers were inspiring and incredibly experienced in the luxury fashion world. It was good to ask them questions and hear the inside scoop of the industry in the heart of Paris.

While undertaking the Fashion Luxury à la Francaise course, what were your favourite subjects and what was the most valuable piece of advice you received?

Some of my favourite subjects during the course were the economics of luxury fashion, and the styling unit. Both subjects showed different aspects to the industry but both had extremely passionate and experienced speakers who really caught my interest while teaching. I love learning from anyone who is passionate about what they do because they make you passionate too.

Tell us some of the outstanding Fashion Industry people you met throughout the program and where you visited.

Some of the amazing guest speakers that came and spoke specifically for us included Maria Enciso the PR & events Director at Chanel and Justine Chomette the men’s fashion designer for Balmain. It was great to hear directly from people who worked in Paris in the heart of the luxury fashion industry at such highly regarded fashion houses and I was impressed at how down to earth they both were. We were also lucky enough to attend a company visit to Mahlia Kent where we could see the manufacturing and designing of beautiful textiles!

How did you spend your free time in Paris?

During our free time, we spent a lot of the time sight-seeing and walking around the beautiful streets of Paris, and of course some shopping at the amazing department stores! It was great to go to the Musée de Louvre to see the exhibitions and the architecture. Most nights the group would gather for an amazing Parisian dinner which of course included all the local favourite’s- escargot, beef tartare and my personal favourite, French onion soup.

You stayed on the Rue de Rivioli, the heart of Paris, what was the accommodation like?

Staying at the hotel Mayfair was ideal. It was in the best location- beautiful and convenient! Everything was within walking distance and I could not have picked a better place to stay it was truly beautiful with freshly baked croissants for breakfast every morning!

What was your favourite part about the FBI Global Fashion Experience?

My favourite part about the experience was how much we learned about the luxury fashion industry in Paris specifically. It was great to experience a city with such a rich history and walk through the streets in awe of everything around you. I loved the feeling of being immersed in the city and it had become one of my favourite cities in the world. I can’t forget to mention all the great people I met on the trip, the FBI staff were so great and friendly and the students will remain good friends for a long time

If you could, would you do it all over again?

Would I do it all again? 100x YES!!


Interviewed by Kaiya Johnson | FBI Fashion College