When in Paris…II

FBI Student William Davidson

FBI Fashion Design Student | Global Fashion Experience in Paris ’16


What initially interested you most about being a part of this Experience?

Paris is one of my favourite places to go, I love the fashion and all Paris has to offer for a young student. The experiences and the things that I learnt during my time there has given me so much knowledge and experience so why wouldn’t I?

How did it feel walking through the foyer of Hotel Mayfair in the heart of Paris?

 Hotel Mayfair is such a beautiful hotel. Everyone who worked there were very lovely and helpful when needed. During our stay, we ate fresh French patisserie every morning that was to die for! I would definiltey go back when I’m in Paris next.

You studied a course in Fashion Luxury à la française – The Business of Fashion & Luxury in France at the 5th best Fashion School in the world, what subjects were involved in this course?

 We attended many classes, a few favourites were Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising and Trend Forecasting. Trend Forecasting would have to be one of the most interesting classes, I always wondered how the major Fashion Designers knew what would be the next big trend.

Tell us some of the outstanding Fashion/Industry people you met throughout the program and where you visited.

We met one of the men’s designers for Balmain who designs the embroidery on the men’s clothing. She was so fascinating to listen to and hear the intricate process of how all the embroidery goes onto the jacket.

 Describe the street style you saw in Paris compared to Sydney?

 The street style I saw in Paris was very chic, classic and timeless. Parisians pay a lot of attention to detail and accessories. Sydney’s fashion is very minimalistic, stylish and relaxed. Even though Paris is known to be the Fashion Capital I feel like in Sydney we are very stylish aswell.

 How did you spend your free time in Paris?

During our free time in Paris we would stop by any store possible before they closed and then celebrate with a new cocktail each night. We would go to a beautiful hotel called Le Meurice and it was so lovely sitting in the bar downstairs listening to the jazz band play. I would definitely recommend doing this in Paris.

 Did you have any ‘pinch me moments’ while abroad, if so, what were they?

I think one ‘pinch me moment’ would have to be attending Antonio Ortega’s Couture Fashion Show. It was such a fantastic experience with fabulous designs.

 What was your favourite part about the FBI Global Fashion Experience?

 I don’t think I could choose a favourite, it was such a fantastic trip. I would completely recommend it to anyone who would like to work in fashion. The knowledge we learnt with the French Fashion School was so interesting and the experience of a life time.

If you could, would you do it all over again?

Would I do it all over again? I would one-hundred percent!



Interviewed by Kaiya Johnson | FBI Fashion College