Typical day of a Freelance Stylist

FBI Student Jessica Rolfe

Intern | Brooke Testoni
Freelance Fashion Stylist | www.jessicarolfe.com.au
Ex Sub-Editor| Big Ink Magazine


How long have you been a student at FBI for and what was your original Fashion aspiration when you started?

I started February of last year at FBI. When I started I just merely wanted to be amongst it all. I’ve loved fashion since I was 5 years old and just wanted to be everywhere and anywhere that gave me a glimpse of fashion because I’d been working at a car dealership since 15. I always wanted to do fashion but I was originally scared I’d fail which is why it took me so long to do something about it.

Where have you interned since the beginning of FBI?

I’ve interned for Vogue Australia, Mark Vassallo, Pip and Claire of P.E Nation, Sarah Starkey, Brooke Testoni, Talisa Sutton and I’ve worked briefly as Ana Suntay-Tanedo’s photography assistant to name a few and about to start with Gritty Pretty Magazine. I’ve also worked at all the Myer and David Jones shows over the year along with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which this year was my second year working alongside a team.

What tasks do you undertake in a normal day as Brooke Testoni’s intern?

Normally researching, helping with errands/ returns to PR agenices, getting coffees, prepping garments, organising sets for shoots and overall helping Brooke with anything she needs. I love it, it’s very hands on.

Your website jessicarolfe.com.au has recently launched, what is included in your site and how would you describe your aesthetic?

Within the site it is broken up into three parts: Beauty, Fashion & Fitness. With time I want to do editorials for beauty and fashion and start to show everyone the girl behind the intern. What I mean by that is I’ve had the opportunity to be around some incredible people in this industry and want people to see what I can do, which was why I started the website to build on as my own CV really. With the website I really just wanted to create a beautiful aesthetic for those that come across it, as if you were seeing these editorials out of the pages of Elle or Vogue for example – minimal writing and a more visual based site.

The fitness I wanted to do as little programs/videos or “how to’s “ to keep fit on the go. As for me, I basically live out of a hotel room and don’t have much time. I’d designed these with my PT back home for easy step by steps you can do in the comfort of your own room for those on the go.

How do you organise content for your website?

As I intern a lot/work I’ve tried to make sure I get atleast one editorial a month for content to post on the website so people can start to see my work for a change and how I’ve evolved from all my internships. I’ve started small but definitely want to build more with time.

Do you have any exciting side projects you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on an exciting beauty editorial with my good friend Dina Broadhurst that should be coming out in a few months time, not your typical shoot that’s for sure.

You worked as the Sub-Editor for Big Ink Magazine for 2 issues. What was involved in this role?

Yeah you guys should all check them out on instagram! A great Canberra publication “@biginkmagazine”.

Basically prepping content for the issues at hand with my Editor and FBI Student Jess Discipio, promoting the magazine, planning shoots, helping with interviews/articles (Jess was always much better at the writing then me ha) I liked being more on the creative side of things, more shoot focused.

So far in your career, what have been some of your most outstanding moments?

Oh there’s so many! I’m constantly pinching myself for getting the opportunity to work with some of my idols like Brooke for instance! I still remember driving up from Canberra last July at 4am for a meeting in Sydney that morning, I was so nervous and excited to get to meet her.

But one would be when I got my internship with Vogue. I still remember the call to my mum,I was in tears. I was so happy. Just to get the opportunity to work for them was always a dream of mine and just getting the chance to be on set over the time I was there was definitely a massive highlight for me and goal I’d set myself.

Like when I got to work on a Chanel shoot For Vogue Australia, I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was truly amazing!

You are a great networker. What are your top 4 tips for getting yourself out there?

  1. be approachable and friendly
  2. be confident, you got this! But be humble
  3. always be kind, the industry is small
  4. time management- making sure you make time for everyone and don’t over commit at the same time, invest in a good diary!!!

What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve gained throughout your career?

Take time to learn, it’s not a race. You never know what direction it might take you.

 Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years’ time?

That’s a tricky one, I’m always changing my mind through work and what I like more. Hopefully owning my own business or working for myself as a Creative Director I suppose.



Interviewed by Kaiya Johnson | FBI Fashion College