The Fashion Project Masterclass, by Neriman Thomas

Guest Blogger Neriman Thomas gives us an insight behind the closed doors of The Fashion Project Masterclass held by David Jones. A Diploma of Business student at FBI, Neriman also has her own blog at 

Friday 27th of March – The David Jones Master Class. Arriving on the 7th floor of the flagship department store at precisely 4pm, prepared for an evening of learning from the fashion industry experts and how they achieved their outstanding careers.

After signing in on arrival and making my way to the designated area set up with beautiful wooden chairs for the lucky applicants and/or students chosen to attend the event, I made my way to the high tables with black and white boxes of popcorn sitting on top. The design of the popcorn box was too cute and they were laid out so I felt obliged to take one, it would be a waste if I didn’t right? Other tables had little jars of healthy juices. Pretty soon the other attendees started to arrive and mingle with one another, the chatter of excitement flowed throughout level 7.

Making my way to the front to be seated, noticing the lovely gift bag David Jones had given all attendants. In mine: Harpers Bazaar March Issue, Pencil & Note Paper, Aveda Soothing Facial Masque, & a Keepsake mobile cover. The industry experts across Australian Fashion included: Donna Player – Head Buyer of David Jones, Leigh Hawkes – Creative Director at House of Quirky, Carmen Duigan – Head Designer at Keepsake the Label, Kelvin Harries – Stylist, Kate Benson – International Buyer at David Jones, Montarna McDonald – Founder and Director of The Audience Agency, Margaret Zhang – Writer/Creative Director for Shine by Three. If you haven’t already heard of these amazing people, I would suggest to google them; their careers are truly amazing. Reoccurring themes throughout the speeches that I noticed were: Initiative, Good Work Ethic & to be Unique.

As the last speech given by Margaret came to an end, the Q & A started. Most people felt that all of their questions were answered as each speaker covered all points that were important knowledge to have in obtaining a career in their chosen field within fashion.

The event was officially over but many stayed behind to chat with their Australian fashion hero’s. Some took selfies, others asked for specific advice, and some just wanted a friendly chat. One of the main points I took away form this experience is that if this is something you are truly passionate about, then you’ll do as much as you possibly can to get to where you want to be in this industry like they did; By having a strong work ethic, getting as much experience as possible, finding your niche, constantly learning and reading, updating your knowledge and networking. Because as everyone knows, fashion is forever evolving and changing, but that’s what we love about it!