Tana Grossberg- PR & Brand Manager for A.US Official

FBI Student Tana Grossberg

PR & Brand Manager | A.US Official

1- Tell us about your Fashion journey at FBI. What has been your favourite experience?

My journey with FBI was exactly what I expected and more. I had previously studied a degree in communications but didn’t get the fashion background of it and I really wanted to know more. I wanted to be mentored by people in the industry and be in a place with like minded people and endless opportunities. I remember getting my first email about available internships and low key dying at the places that were on offer! I think I still have the screen shot to this day. In saying that, my favourite experiences were definitely the internships and workplace training, putting an image to what we were learning and hearing in class was the most exciting!

2- You are now working for A.US Official as the PR & Brand Manager. Tell us more about the company.

US Official is an Australian founded company that connects Australian Designers with Hollywood A list celebrities. We manage Australian designers press internationally and communicate with a Style house in Los Angeles that works with stylists and influencers to dress them for red carpet events, editorials and award season. In return, our designers get curate press in Los Angeles and international exposure.

3- What does your role with A.US Official involve?

My role in PR and Brand management is overall foreseeing and building international exposure and managing international reputation of our managed brands and designers. This entails:

  • Ensuring the press curated for our designers is appropriate to the designers target market
  • Designer relations and communication between designers
  • Communication to our trusted Style house in Los Angeles
  • Building, managing and maintaining an international reputation for A.US Official and our managed designers
  • Communications to press and conducting press
  • Managing social media accounts, strategic planning in collaborations and brand representation,
  • How and where the product is displayed in showrooms
  • Controlling seasonal product to be sent to our trusted LA style house
  • Conducting frequent research of the market, industry and events.

4- What do you look for when bringing on board new clients?

Looking for new designers involves analysing their product. We are targeting a certain clientele that is A list celebrities for particular events. So I have to think ‘red carpet’ ‘glam’ and ‘couture’ like designers to fit criteria’s for the style house in Los Angeles. With a particular avenue of red carpet events, high editorials, and award season including the Oscars and the Emmys we have to offer appropriate and new product. Our Australian designers are absolutely killing it with many celebrities and influencers requesting further product.

5- With over nine years of experience in the Fashion field, tell us about your other roles within the industry?

Like any girl dreaming of chasing the industry I started in retail and took my roles very seriously in learning about how a business runs and took any opportunity to have in depth  and educating conversations with head office representatives of the company. I was lucky enough to work my way into promotion of leading roles in a reputable (now international) brand. Working with this brand provided lots of opportunity to work at the brands runway shows and do work experience in head office. In my time in Sydney whilst studying at FBI I also threw myself out there as much as I could and gained valuable experience in various PR roles. Over the time from literally saturating myself in the industry I started to build up a contact list and valuable industry knowledge to start collaborating with people and offering my services in PR. It was working with those businesses that I took on other roles as well as PR and that really helped me in gaining knowledge and skills in positions I wouldn’t normally go for but all in all helped my understanding of how every role contributes to run the way a business is. It was then that I was offered my current great role with A.US Official and trusted position to control numerous of the companys facets from PR to brand managing

6- What are some essential skills you need to succeed in Fashion PR and Communications?

Communication is absolutely essential, you need to be confident and know other sources of communication other then just emailing. People are busy and quick to forget to respond to 1 of the 200 emails they are receiving daily. Research skills is also an essential skill for PR and communications and I guess your ability to network in this sense, as for me it has proved to be an essential skill because with networking comes contacts and opportunities for press to further grow the brand. Writing skills alongside with creativity is also very essential in successfully attracting attention for a brand.

7- When did you have a proud moment in your Fashion Career and how did this feel like for you?

One of the proudest moments for me has been seeing the influencers and celebrities dressed in the Australian designers represented by us. I think with PR you have to have an international mindset and to see your work at the Oscars and influencers with 5 million+ followers, it really brings me goosebumps.

8- Can you give our students advice on how to get out there and start their journey in Fashion PR and Communications?

You’ll hear this all the time throughout the start of your journey in fashion, but networking is absolutely crucial. Who you know has been extremely important in curating press in my PR roles. Also not to be afraid, it can be daunting asking a favour or pitching an idea but don’t be afraid. Your ideas are always valued and will get you the results you want.

9- Where do you see your career heading in 5 years’ time?

I definitely see myself being a gypsy in a working sense, I would like to be more international travelling to places like Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo to name a few for Work. I love what comes with travelling inspiration and people wise and I love to evolve myself and not sit in one space.

Interviewed by Nicole Oraha | FBI Fashion College