Meet Our Students… Bianca Pavlic

Student Bianca Pavlic discusses starting her own Label and experience at FBI thus far...

How long have you been studying at FBI?

Since March last year, so just over a year.


Are you enjoying it so far?

Yeah it’s really good. I enjoy all the teachers, the students…  every that happens here.


What course are you studying?

The Advanced Diploma of Fashion Business


Why did you pick that course?

I want to own my own fashion design label and that was the one that really covers everything. Even if I don’t do that, it will be good to have advanced knowledge of everything.


Do you do anything outside of this – do you have a side hustle?

Yeah I have my own clothing label – Bianca Pavlic the Label – so currently working on that as well.


Cool! What is your label’s aesthetic?

It’s very pretty, female… a little bit of festival, little bit of street and casualwear.


How long has your label been around?

Since 2016.


Any major milestones that you’ve made with it?

I just had a fashion show in Canberra.



Yeah so we did a collab event between me and my friend who is a lifestyle food blogger. So we’re four different local designers together and had a major fashion show in Canberra.


So you organised all of that yourselves?

Everything yeah.


Incredible! So, who is a fashion icon that you really like in the Fashion Industry?

I really like Alice McCall and Zimmermann just for their vibes and their fabric usage and how they make beautiful drape-y fabrics that flow on the body and that kind of stuff. Also Sir the Label; where it’s linen pieces and just white  – I really like white as well.


And so, based on your experience at FBI, what advice would you give to someone thinking about starting at FBI?

I’d see what they want to do with Fashion I guess and be like go for it, as you can totally tailor it to what you want to do. Like, go to all these classes and it might open up different opportunities or ideas of [what] I want to do, or I don’t want to do that anymore, I want to do this. And internships; you can choose and pick what you want to do rather than just being assigned to something you don’t want to do at all.


Have you done any internships here so far?

I did internship as design assistant at Forecast clothing.


How was that?

It was really, really good. I enjoyed it. It was eye-opening to see what my interpretation of what a brand would do in terms of designing, and then how they actually do it.


So you could use that experience and then apply it to your own label?



What are you looking forward to at FBI?

This is my second class of Advanced [Diploma] so getting to know the homework a bit better as it’s more intense and in-depth, and different opportunities that arise, seeing new internships come up.


And what are you up to for the rest of the day?

I’ve got some fabric sourcing to do in Sydney.