Prepare and Practice – Design

Possible Interview Questions & Answer Guidelines

Q1: Tell me a little bit about yourself? / What are you doing at the moment?
(List your current course and job description. Relate them both to the role you are being interviewed for.)

A: “I am currently studying at FBI Fashion College where I am completing subjects such as _____________, _______________, and _____________. I also currently work as a __________________________ where I undertake tasks such as ________________, _________________, _____________, and ________________.”

Q2: What do you know about our label?
(Make sure you are aware of colours, fabrics, styles, trends and inspirations that have used.)

A: ” I feel that your target market is someone who is __________________, ___________________, and _________________________. Your current range includes _______________________________________________.”

Q3: How do you see fashion trends at the moment?

Comment on styles, colours, themes and how they relate to this company and their target market.

Q4: What do you understand this role to be?

A: “I understand this role to be a Design Assistant where I will be completing tasks such as as working with the Head Designer and the team developing ranges for our house label. This includes sourcing of fabrics and accessories, general production, sketches, spec sheets, creating story boards and any other tasks that may arise.”

Q5: Who is your favourite Designer and why?

A: “I admire Collette Dinnigan because she has built up a successful label in Australia and overseas. The merchandise is always of a high quality and the embellishments and intricate details on each piece is stunning. I believe she effectively caters for the elegant, individual woman and understands her market very well.”

Q6: What relevant experience do you have for this role? / What makes you suitable for the role?

A: “I currently work as a _______________ where I undertake tasks such as ________________, _______________, and ________________. This is relevant to this role because _________________________________________________________. I have also completed Workplace Training at __________________ and ________________ which is relevant to this role because ________________________________________________.”

Q7: Why should we hire you? / Why do you want this role? 
(Money for what?)

A: ” I want this job and I believe that I am suited to it. I believe that my past experience and training will allow me to exceed in this role. I understand the position and have the personal and professional skills to do the job extremely well. My personal skills are that I am ______________, _______________, and ______________. I also have the professional skills such as good illustration skills, excellent technical ability and an excellent understanding of the label.”

Q8: Where do you want to be in 2 – 5 years time?
(Here is where you have to prove that you are interested in THIS career path.)

A: “I would like to perfect this role and develop myself for further opportunities within your company.”

Q9: What questions do you ask the company?
(This is a very important part of the interview process. It allows you to show what research you have done on that company. It also demonstrates a genuine interest in the position and company.)

For example: 
I. How is the Design Room management structured? Who would I be reporting to?

Through your research prior to attending the interview you should be able to think up a few more questions related to the company.

Throughout the interview listen and take notice of anything the interviewer mentions about the job. You don’t want to ask a question that they have already answered.

Do NOT ask about Pay or Hours!

At the end of of the interview, stand up, shake the interviewers hand and thank them for their time. Maintain eye contact and a firm handshake.

Your responsibility is to call the Careers Coordinator as soon as the interview is over and give her your feedback.