Larissa Astroza – Fashion Designer & Stylist

FBI Student Larissa Astroza

Freelance Fashion Stylist 
Designer | Salvaje the Label

What was your Fashion aspiration when you first started at FBI?

I came into FBI wanting to become a Stylist and finished becoming both a Stylist and a Fashion Business owner.

What is the most valuable experience or advice you have taken from FBI?

I have to say, all the interning I managed to complete and the variety of companies they gave me to choose from, was probably the most valuable experience I had with FBI. Without it, I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Which companies have you interned with and what were your positions?

  • A TOUCH OF EUROPE FASHION – Admin/Warehouse Assistant
  • GIRLFRIEND MAGAZINE- Fashion Department Assistant
  • KELLY SMYTHE STYLIST- Styling Assistant
  • KENT AND LIME- Styling Assistant
  • CAITLIN STEWART STYLIST- Styling Assistant
  • CHANNEL TEN: THE LIVING ROOM- Styling Assistant

How do your tasks and responsibilities at your internships come to use today within your role in the Fashion industry?

Virtually everything I learned at my internships come to practice in my current roles. There is no book or class you can take that will 110% prepare you for the real job you want. No one can teach you how to explain how you managed to scuff a pair of $600 shoes you’ve had on loan or how to find a costume at the last minute because production changed their mind on what they were planning to film. I can’t express how vital interning really is for any role within the industry. The experience is crucial and as much as you may learn in class, there is nothing like being tested or experiencing first hand complications you may face when you get the job you’ve been dreaming of.

How did your label ‘Salvaje the Label’ come to life?

I always knew that I wanted to start my own label someday, however I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I was always obsessed with leather jackets but found that it was really difficult to find a decent quality jacket with the right fit and price tag. While I was in the South of Chile, I came across various styles of outerwear that had inspired me to begin my own line of jackets, one’s that would fit like a glove over your t-shirt or become your dream oversized piece that actually kept you warm as well as making a statement. I guess it was from that point that my label really came to life.

Tell us more about ‘Salvaje the Label’, what is the inspiration behind your pieces?

South America has always inspired me in many aspects, both in my personal style and my brand. My label is a true reflection of the South American streets and the various nomadic styles that you come across in each of its countries. My hopes are to eventually donate a percentage of my profits to assist a charity there.

What is a typical week like as a Freelance stylist for lifestyle TV show ‘The Living Room’?

Well it’s separated into a few days. A full day (sometimes two) of sourcing to begin the week, which involves some running around from store to store. Which is then followed by a full day of filming, where we typically shoot two shows.

Everything is steamed and prepped before the talent come in and pre-coordinated before they start filming. You have to be prepared for anything to happen as we sometimes have animals and other unexpected occurrences regularly on the show so I always stay on set for any touch ups that may need to happen. Once filming is complete we pack up and usually a late night is involved to make sure we have everything perfect and ready for returns the next day. Any off day is usually spent scouting other labels that can lend for the show and prepping for the next record.

Where else have you worked as a Stylist?

I’ve worked a fair bit as a personal stylist more than anything and assisted other stylists on shoots and jobs.

I also worked as a stylist at Kent and Lime, which was mainly styling men. I have worked predominantly however, as a personal stylist.

Where do you see your business going in 5 years?

I see my business growing beyond the range in which I currently provide and most likely being stocked in various boutiques rather than it staying purely online. Some exciting things to come that’s for sure!

What advice would you give to students wanting to start their own Fashion Business?

My best advice would be to start! Have a business plan (can’t stress this enough) and just give it a go! Make mistakes and fail as many times as you need to until you know that its exactly what you envisioned and wanted to create as your business.

Interviewed by Nicole Oraha | FBI Fashion College