Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Helpful Hints for Fashion Industry Interviews

As soon as you walk through the door of a fashion company for an interview you are being assessed. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when attending interviews for a job or workplace training.



  • Take a copy of your CV in an A4 display folder or plastic sleeve.
  • Feel confident about yourself – Believe that you can do the job.
  • Be 10 minutes early for the Interview. Figure out where you are going before your Interview and allow for some traffic.
  • Greet everyone at the company with a smile and state clearly who you are meant to be meeting with for the Interview.
  • Have a firm and confident handshake with eye contact. (Handshakes should be a firm squeeze rather then a shake)
  • Smile – it will relax you and will show that you are happy to be there.
  • Speak clearly and in an audible tone.
  • Be positive at all times.
  • Think before you speak – don’t fill up silence with nervous chatter.
  • Make sure you answer the question.
  • Sit up straight with a good posture.


  • Chew gum.
  • Play on your mobile phone while waiting for your Interview. It should be on silent and in your bag at all times, from when you arrive for your interview until you leave.
  • Leave your mobile on! Under no circumstances are you to answer your phone whilst in the Interview.
  • Fidget with your outfit, accessories or any objects around you.
  • Be negative about present or former employees, the company or another company, its staff and/or procedures.
  • Be overly friendly – Behaviour in an Interview situation such as talking too much about personal circumstances and swearing is inappropriate.