International Workplace Training with Student Victoria Harwood

New York is an incredible city, how was your experience interning?

My experience in New York was absolutely brilliant, an achievement I won’t forget. I interned full time for 6 weeks which involved clocking up many kms walking in the peak of NYC’S summer, collecting and delivering fashion samples all over the city. Assisting on shoots was a big part of my training, along with shopping trips where I would be sent to source props/clothing for up and coming shoots. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, established great working relationships and left NYC with stories I would not be able to tell without the help of FBI setting this up for me.

What was the most exciting project you assisted with?

I was lucky enough to be involved in a number of projects from magazine shoots, to designer look books, however the most exciting was probably ongoing work for Victoria’s Secret. An international brand we don’t get at home in New Zealand, but even my grandmother had heard of. I was overwhelmed by the luxury of it, and welcomed by the whole crew from the art director to production assistants. Being on set for Unconditional magazine was a highlight too. You wouldn’t see a photographer and stylist such a perfect match together than Ilona Hamer, and Alexandra Nataf. Being on set with them which involved dancing about to music, and snacking on the most delicious chocolate croissants was a lot of fun. A great atmosphere to be in, you could forget you were working.

Name three new skills you have taken away from your experience?

Three new skills I have taken away are:

Commercial Awareness: I particularly got to know Victoria’s Secret as a business in more depth. A shoot for VS especially videography, could include at least 25 people at a time on set, so there were always many people to meet and stories to hear. Getting to know a business, and having a true interest is crucial in order to succeed.

Professional attitude: I like to think this is something I have presented for a while now, however only improved and made stronger. I always try to remember that I am not only representing myself, but also FBI fashion college during work place training. I met a lot of incredible new people in the industry, and tried to treat my first impressions as if I were a potential employee.

Initiative: It’s a fast paced industry, people are busy and, you can’t waste time sitting about waiting for approval or something to do. I learnt to use my initiative and get on with the task.