In the life of a Magazine Editor

FBI StudentĀ Jessica Discipio

Editor in Chief | Big Ink Magazine

What was your original Fashion aspiration when you started at FBI?

When I started FBI, I dreamed of working as a Fashion Stylist for a big publication. Once I started at FBI and interned at many different places, my aspirations kept changing. I gained experience in Fashion magazines while I styled freelance on the side. I then worked in Fashion PR and it’s something I do as well as BIG IINK.

Where have you interned since the beginning at FBI?

I have had many amazing opportunities through FBI and that includes interning at Marie Claire, Mercedes Benz Fashion week and lastly Golightly PR, as well as these I internedĀ as an assistant for a Fashion photographer and then at BIG INK before I became social media manager and from there took over the publication.

How did the magazine Big Ink come to fruition?

I worked with BIG INK for around two years before I took over as owner and editor of the publication. It came out of the need to share the collaborative work for the local creative community. Since then it has grown and become a much bigger production with a more defined purpose.

Magazines have always been something I was interested in, so when the opportunity presented itself to takeover and run a publication for myself I couldnā€™t say no. The ability to have complete creative control, to direct and explore ideas that I feel extremely passionate about is something I am very thankful for.

Tell us more about Big Ink, what is it a platform for?

BIG INK supports and explores the design and fashion industry through featuring curated, thought provoking stories and visually stimulating images. BIG INK is a publication for creatives by creatives – both aspiring and established.

How did you feel when you held the 1st issue in your hands?

I felt relief!! Relief that it was printed and arrived on time!!! And something I continue to feel with each issue and new print.

How do you feel the digital age has changed the magazine Industry?

I believe that the digital age has had a large impact on trend driven, news publications, due to this information being so readily available online, it loses impact and relevance in print. I strongly believe that niche and collectable prints still have their place in the industry, featuring thought provoking content that the readers engage with in a more methodical matter.

Where is Big Ink stocked (apart from FBI of course)?

Big Ink is available through our E-store and in a few Canberra based boutiques.

Do you also have an online presence, if so, where can we find it?

Yes, we have weekly online content that supports the print content and also explores more timely concepts. The website is:

Since Big Inkā€™s launch, what haveĀ been some of your content highlights?

We have had a few content highlights itā€™s hard to nail it down! But one of the favourites would definitely be the cover for Issue 19. We worked with illustrator, Freya Dunne to design a thought provoking cover that strips away culturally determined identities from the figures, looking beyond these details to depict a community that nurtures inclusiveness.

Do you have any side projects you are currently working on?

BIG INK is constantly going through evolution and is my current passion project ā€“ with every issue comes something more exciting and a new project/ issue to work on.

How do you network yourself to get your name and business out into the Industry?

I am constantly trying to attend events as often as possible, to ensure that I am meeting new businesses and people and remain relevant within the industry. I believe with modern day technology and the age of social media, it is important to be present on these platforms ā€“ it allows for windows of opportunities and relationships to flourish.

So far in your career, what has been the most outstanding moment?

To be honest, my most outstanding moments are in the every day challenges and joys that come with my job. I know, corny right? But to have the ability to wake up every day and not feel like I am going to work is pretty amazing and a goal I had when I was younger and to be living through that so early in my career is a success in itself.

Where do you see yourself and Big Ink in the future?

I definitely see myself continuing to grow and explore BIG INK as a printed publication. I have many ideas and avenues I still want to explore, so we arenā€™t going anywhere yet!

Do you have any advice for other students wanting to launch their own Fashion Business?

Starting your own fashion business is a lot of work and you have to understand all elements required to begin that journey. Have plans in place, have the passion and drive to see it through and when it is tough donā€™t give it up, keep going!

Interviewed by Kaiya Johnson |Ā FBI Fashion College