An Industry Insight- Sally Brown & Chrissy Biasotto


From New York’s fashion houses, to A-list celebrity management and publicity in London, Sally Brown and Chrissy Biasotto bring a world of experience to their business venture.

Since Tailor Maid’s doors first swung open in April 2006, Sally and Chrissy have fast established themselves among the leaders in their industry – a publicity engine room and a force to be reckoned with. Complementing each other in their style, approach, experience, personality and demeanour, Sally and Chrissy have helped the likes of Camilla, Alannah Hill, Sportsgirl, Glue, Invisible Zinc, Shu Umera Art of Hair, Kerastase, Reef and Manicare promote their business and increase consumer awareness in the marketplace.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own company in the fashion industry? 

Work hard and believe in yourself.

Have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the industry you are working in before entering into it. It’s always a good idea to do a competitor analysis to keep abreast of what your competition is doing.

Create a business plan with goals and projections.

Do you think interning benefits your career within the fashion industry? How? 

100%. Practical, practical and more practical experience. We firmly believe in on the job training. When recruiting new staff, its is one thing we always look for. Interning gives you a wealth of knowledge about the industry you want to work in. We suggest interning at several agencies as every company operates differently and have their own niche.

Put your hand up to assist at events also, it gives even further insight into the industry and is a good way to see how everything operates behind the scenes.

Which roles within your company attracts a lot of applications? 

The junior roles as they do not require as much experience, we like to see candidates that are really hungry for our roles and that have a well rounded knowledge of our business.

What makes someone stand out in an interview? 

Enthusiasm, confidence, well researched by having a good understanding of our business. Someone with drive and passion to work in the PR industry. There is nothing worse than interviewing candidates who are not knowledgeable about our business or the industry and who just want a job.

What have been your highlights and lowlights since starting your business? 

We are self-starters and created Tailormaid Communications all on our own with no investment or help from others. We are both very proud of what we have achieved and the clients we work with. We can’t say we have any lowlights as we have learnt from everything along the way, both highs and lows. Without experiencing the lows, we would not have been able to strive to improve or learn from our mistakes.