An Industry Insight- Amy Fosdike


Amy set out on her fashion career in the year 2000; fresh out of high school without a clue of what she wanted to do she applied and was successful in a role as a Receptionist with cult surf brand Mambo. After 3 months on the job as Receptionist, doubling as a Fit Model she was offered a promotion into a Visual Merchandising role. 12 months on it had been a great experience, but not the career that she was passionate about. Amy then fell into a role with Robbie Cranfield’s swimwear line ROBSTAR. This is where the sales experience started. After being thrown in the deep end of a sales role she realised sales was the right career path for her.

Launch grew organically year on year, and with her now Husband Nic joining the business in 2008, she decided with Nic’s encouragement to delve into the distribution side of wholesale, signing on Finders Keepers, Cameo and Stylestalker.

This was a turning point for Launch and the success of the business. With key relationships with David Jones, General Pants, Glue and The Iconic, the business continues to go from strength to strength.

What has been a pinnacle for your company so far? 

Being apart of the growth of all the AUSLABELS brands – Finders Keepers – Cameo – Keepsake – JAGGAR and The Fi h Label. Being exposed to working with such inspirational, driven and talented people has kept me inspired to grow Launch and strive to be the best I can be in business.

What internships do you offer? 

We offer 1 day per week internships for a 3 month period for Social Media – Graphics and Fashion All Rounder roles.

What makes someone stand out in an interview?

Presentation – confidence and knowledge, someone who has done their research on your company and knows the ins and outs of what you’re about.

Would you choose this career if you could make the decisions again? What (if anything) would you do differently? 

I wouldn’t change a thing, I am genuinely obsessed with what I do and absolutely love coming to work day in day out. I work with amazing people, have amazing staff and have made life-long friends over the years.