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What was your career aspiration when your first started at FBI?

I was always interested in Fashion Magazines and Styling. Mostly, I wanted a career where I could be creative and communicate Fashion to people.

In what areas did FBI assist you to get to where you are today?

The support from Selena, college staff and teachers was amazing. They were always there to help strengthen your abilities and answer all the questions about the industry. The FBI Careers Agency helped me score some awesome internships. I was also offered a mentorship opportunity with Caitlin Stewart for styling that was a huge step in my career.

Tell us about some internships completed while at FBI? What were your roles?

I interned in a number of Fashion Head Offices, PR Agencies, Fashion Events, as well as Dolly Magazine, Channel 9 and with Australian stylists. Each place taught me something totally new about the industry and allowed me to learn about the industry from different angles.

My roles varied from assisting the admin in head offices to packaging product, working in the showroom and on media showings with PR Agencies, dressing models at Fashion Events, assisting in the everyday management of Dolly Magazine’s wardrobe department and assisting on photo-shoots, to dressing talent at Channel 9 in the wardrobe department alongside the stylists.

What does a day in the life of a Fashion Stylist look like?

Each day varies; depending on what client I have that day. Some days I’m working with personal styling clients, some days I’m doing admin work, other days I’m prepping or working on an event or photo shoot.

If I’m doing Personal Styling, I’ll typically start the day at the desk – responding to emails, sending invoices, receipts or gift vouchers or doing prep work for later jobs. I’ll then visit my client for their Personal Style Session. I can see up to 4 clients per day if it’s a big day, and I’ll finish in the night, but it’s usually 2 clients per day. After the sessions I’m back at the desk, repeating what I had done in the morning and making a start on any styling documents I need to create for my personal styling clients.

If there’s a photo shoot or event on, it’s a full on day, often starting at 6am and finishing in the evening. Each photo shoot/event is totally different; they’re always fast paced though! I make sure all the prep work is done well in advance to make sure the styling/wardrobe department runs smoothly on the day.

How do you keep yourself organised when you are dealing with more than one client?

I make sure I keep on top of my time management and allocate time for preparation for each job.

What other areas within the Fashion Industry you have worked in aside from Fashion Styling? How do they assist in your role today?

The internships I completed in various areas of the industry helped me see the industry as a whole and learn about how each area of it connects. I picked up great networking, communication and time management skills here.

I worked as Fashion Editor for a digital publication for a couple of years, this helped me to learn how to communicate Fashion to people, build creativity and work in a team.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Fashion Stylist?
To build and maintain an exceptional work ethic and to learn the industry, not just your role in it. Knowledge and respect for what you do carries into the level of service you can provide your clients and rewards you professionally.

What has been the proudest moment in your career to date?
Taking my business into a full time role in 2013. I had worked really hard to learn, build my credibility as a stylist and develop my business so it felt great to have been able to make it a full time role!

Can you name some companies and celebrities you have previously worked with as a Fashion Stylist?

I’ve worked with Jesinta Campbell, Matthew Evans (he hosts a show called “What’s the Catch”), a number of presenters on Channel 9 and I assisted Caitlin Stewart on “The Living Room” in Season One.

As a Fashion Stylist, how important is networking? What 3 tips would you give to students to get out there?
Networking is so important in this industry and such an essential skill. Three tips to get out there are:
1) Start networking with people you meet during internships
2) Attend events
3) Practice speaking to new people, become comfortable with talking to anyone and everyone


Interviewed by Nicole Oraha | FBI Fashion College