Global Fashion Experience to Italy

FBI Students have just returned from a once in a lifetime Global Fashion Experience to Italy.

Students graduated with a Certificate in Lusso Italiano Bella Moda in Milan and Florence at the 5th ranked Fashion School in the world.

They learned the Business side of Luxury Fashion from ‘Mr Gucci’ Marco Semeghini and heard how Manuela Bruni went on to launch Dolce and Gabanna, having previously worked for Versace and Giorgio Armani.

Students had tickets to enjoy Armando Costa’s Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week.

Students went on an International Fashion Company visit to where Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes are manufactured at Lake Como  and explored Rome’s iconic landmarks as part of their education of everything Art.


“We wish that all of our students were as good as this.”
Giulia Bedoni ~ Fashion Education Director, Florence Italy.