Introducing the Global Fashion Experiences.

FBI offers students the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Fashion Industry on a global scale. Partnering with the top 5 best Fashion Schools in the world to create an exclusive study program in New York, Milan, Florence, Paris, London or China.

Travelling the world goes hand in hand with the Fashion industry. If you make your mark as a Fashion Buyer, Publicist or Stylist, trips to Paris, New York and Milan could soon become the norm. FBI Fashion College offers students these international experiences early on in their fashion journey.

FBI Global Fashion Experiences are available as an addition to courses in Fashion Business and Fashion Design, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Fashion capitals of the world on a Fashion Study and Field Trip.

FBI also offers overseas opportunities through FBI Global Internships. With existing placements in Paris and New York, the FBI Careers Agency is opening up career opportunities to students on the global stage.