Alex Perry

Fashion Designer and Founder of Alex Perry

Pip Edwards

Creative Director, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of P.E Nation

Adrian Norris & Edwina Forest

Creative Directors of AJE

Tom Simpson

Fashion Buyer at The Iconic

Christopher Esber

Fashion Designer and Founder of Christopher Esber

Elle Ferguson

Fashion Influencer and Entrepreneur

Michael Lo Sordo

Fashion Designer and Founder of Michael Lo Sordo 

Johnny Schembri

Fashion Designer and Founder of By Johnny

Jules Sebastian

Fashion Stylist

Kym Ellery

Fashion Designer and Founder of Ellery

Donny Galella 

Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Daniel Avakian

Fashion Designer and Fonder of Daniel Avakian

Justine Cullen

Editor-in-Chief of InStyle Australia

FBI Students have the opportunity to hear from exclusive Fashion Guest Speakers as part of their Course – with no extra charge.

We collaborate with leading Fashion Stylists, Designers, Editors, Entrepreneurs and more…

This is the perfect opportunity for students to hear, learn and mingle with some of the best in the Industry, to assist them throughout their Fashion Journey.

FBI Student Kimberley

FBI Student Kimberley On our Guest Speaker Kym Ellery

“Speaking with Kym was so insightful. I admire her brand a lot so it was an accomplishment of mine to be able to be that close to her. This was the best first day at FBI.”

FBI Student Deanna

FBI Student Deanna On our Guest Speaker Donny Galella

"From the first moment I started my course with FBI, Laura asked me who I would like to work with and I said Donny Galella. I feel so grateful to FBI to have the opportunity to finally meet my favourite stylist. Thank you Donny for the heart-felt stories and sharing your amazing journey."