Australia’s link to the Global Fashion Industry


FBI Fashion College has a full-time Careers Agency that specialises in Fashion Internships, Fashion Recruitment and Fashion Events.

The FBI Careers Agency aims to guide students on the right career path, equips each student with everything they need to succeed, provide an insight into the fashion industry and enable them to create a CV that tells their ‘story of fashion’.

The FBI Careers Agency has placed more than 1900 students into paid fashion jobs.


The FBI Mentor Program is a selective program whereby a student is paired with a Fashion industry mentor according to their career aspirations. The mentor provides guidance and advice throughout a series of meetings and an ongoing relationship is developed.

The Mentor helps the student clarify their goals and the necessary steps they need to take to achieve them through a series of mentorship meetings.


As a pioneer in the education sector, FBI Fashion College continues to expand it’s global influence within Australia and overseas through developing and sustaining industry partnerships with leading Fashion Companies.

This motivated approach offers FBI Students new learning experiences and highly sought after career opportunities, also providing students a networking platform so students can continue to lead the way in the Fashion industry.

What we do for students . . .


The FBI Careers Agency assists all students every step of the way to find the right job of their choice:

1. Students are offered a wide array of internships and positions vacant and choose which opportunities interest them – if there is a role or company students wish to work with, we reach out to that fashion company and recommend you

2. We work together in creating your perfect fashion CV

3. Students then undertake a mock interview to ensure they get their dream job

• Students receive the highest level of support throughout this entire process
• Checks in on students at their new position with support and help where needed
• Has placed 1900 students