3 Minutes With… Jemma Lam

Jemma Lam, Term 1 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient with Kirstie Clements
Jemma Lam, Term 1 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient with Kirstie Clements

When did you start at FBI?

I started at FBI in February 2019.


Are you enjoying it so far?

I love FBI, it’s really fun.


What has been a highlight so far?

I think a highlight has been getting a call from Natasha, and being like “Can you work tomorrow?” And I’m like “Ok!” for one of the warehouse sales. It’s really good. You’re meeting other people. You’re also learning so much but also at the same time you’re giving back. You’re showing you can work and can do all this other stuff as well.


Have you done a lot of workplace training since you’ve been here?

I’ve done the Camilla and Marc warehouse sale and also the Rachel Gilbert one.


Do you have a favourite?

Definitely Rachel Gilbert so far. The clothing is so beautiful. It’s so lovely working with all these new people all the time.


So, you’re doing business and design?



Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself doing a one-stop-shop for brides. So, where I can do bridal couture and also event planning, specialised in weddings and I’ve always loved weddings, so I want to pursue a career in that.


Who is your style inspiration/people you look up to or like to follow?

I love Vera Wang. She’s my idol. Ever since I was a kid – I’m still a kid – and I just love everything that Chanel does. It’s so simple and iconic and just so timeless. I love it.


If you had to describe it, what’s your style aesthetic/vibe?

My vibe is chic, when I want it but sometimes it’s really street style, relaxed. Activewear??


Always. Always activewear.

Hahaha yeah, so I guess that.


Are you looking forward to anything this Term?

Pattern making in Design and in Business, there’s a few classes I’ve been meaning to do like planning for success and a few more but can’t remember them.


If you could give any advice to give someone who was thinking about coming to FBI, based on your experience, what would you tell them?

Don’t hesitate on it. It’s honestly the best experience I’ve gotten and I’m so excited for everything else to come. It’s only been one Term and I’m so excited for the next three more to come.