AdvertisingA type of promotion that is paid, nonpersonal communication delivered through mass media.
Assistant BuyerSupports the buyer, often working with the six-month plan, open-to-buy, inventory, and vendor follow-up, taking directions from the buyer.
Assistant Fashion Designer Supports designers by helping them create, modify, and locate new materials, styles, colors and patterns for fashion brands and labels.
Assistant Stylist Supports the stylist, responsible for contacting PR Agencies, manufacturers and retailers to locate the best assortment of merchandise to be used in a shoot etc.


Blog Particular type of website, consisting of articles or posts usually time stamped and viewed in reverse chronological order.
BloggerA person who publishes a blog or personal diary on a web page.
BookerA person at a modeling agency who negotiates with clients to get contracts and work for models.
Brand Name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service to distinct them from other sellers.
Brick-and-click store A retail business that offers its products to consumers through a store facility and through the internet.
Brick-and-mortar Store A retail business hat has a physical appearance as opposed to an online store.
Business Plan A written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals.
BuyerResponsible for all of the product purchases and inventories for a company or particular department of a company within a certain budget.


CollectionGroup of related styles.
CorporationA company that is owned by stockholders, and may be run by an individual or group.
Costume Design Assistant Support Costume designers including hiring costumes and managing wardrobe budgets.
Costume Designer Responsible for designing, creating, acquiring and hiring all costumes for actors and extras.
Creative Director Responsible for the overall creative direction and display for an advertisement or editorial.
CroquisA rendering or miniature visual of a textile pattern or print.


Demographics A set of characteristics of a certain group that describes its member’s backgrounds, economic status, education and other social factors.
Diffusion line A modestly priced line of merchandise created by a high-end designer that retails at moderate prices
Distribution Responsible for planning and managing the flow of goods received from the vendors, as ordered by the buyers to the retail locations.


EthicsMoral and behavioural principles that dictate which is right and wrong.


Fashion Designer Produces a line under his or her name or supervisors a team of designer assistants within a company.
Fashion Director Responsible for determining the trends, colors, themes and textures for piece goods or fabrics that a firm will feature for a
Fashion Event Planner Someone who increases the visibility of a design house, organisation, brand, product or fabric by coordinating special events and fashion shows, providing product exposure.
Fashion Journalist Responsible for reporting the latest fashion designs and trends.
Fashion Photographer Takes photographs of models wearing the latest apparel, accessories etc. primarily for commercial use
Fashion Stylist Responsible for bringing to life the photographers or directors vision for a fashion shoot, print advertisement, magazine layout etc.
Fashion Week Designated time when many designer collections are brought together and shown a series of fashion shows.
Fast Fashion Apparel and accessory trends that are designed and manufactured quickly in an affordable way.
Fit Model A live model that a designer may drape, cut and pin fabric on as well as having the designer check sizing and proportion of garments.


Global Sourcing Refers to the process of locating, purchasing and importing or exporting goods and services from around the world.


Haute Couture French word for ‘High Fashion’ and the name of the French industry that produces high fashion garments.
Human Resources Refers to the department in charge of an organisations employees, including hiring and finding employees.


Influencer A broad term used to describe a person, such as a blogger, celebrity or social media personality who inspires trends or purchases.
Integrity Behaving in an honest manner and according to social and moral principles


KPI’sKey Performance Indicators are statistical measurements that gauge the critical success factors of a business or other organisation.


MachinistSewing Machines stitch together fabric pattern pieces to make garments
ManagerA person who controls, monitors or directs a business or component of a business.
Manufacturer A business that turns raw materials into finished, sellable products
Marketing Manager The executive who shapes the companies research concerning demographics and psychographics and promotional efforts so that its products can sell based on the target customers wants and needs.
Media Kit Collection of public relations materials delivered or mailed to the media.
ModelIndividual employed to display clothing and accessories by wearing them.
Modeling Agency Company that represents and acts as a scheduling agent for a variety of fashion models.


News Release Article on a newsworthy event sent to editors or news directors for publication or broadcast in the media.


Open-to-buy The amount of money allocated for the buyer to make new merchandise purchases each month, based on sales and inventory amounts.


Pattern Grader Develops a pattern in the full range of sizes offered by the manufacturer.
PatternmakerTranslates the design concept into a flat pattern to create an actual garment.
Personal Shopper Assists an individual in selecting an entire season’s wardrobe or an outfit for a specific occasion, based on the needs of the customer.
PlannerWorks in collaboration with the buyer to develop sales forecasts, inventory plans and spending budgets for merchandise to achieve the retailer’s sales and profit objectives.
Portfolio A collection of work that illustrates a job candidates range of skills and outcomes.
Production Assistant Supports the production manager with detail work and record keeping.
Public Relations Responsbile for finding cost-effective ways to promote their clients.
Purchase Order A contract for merchandise between the buyer and the vendor.


Retailer A business that sells products to the ultimate consumer and can include a vast range of brick and mortar stores as well as catalouge, click and online stores.


SWOT Analysis Planning model that lists a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) which are used to determine future direction.


Textile Designer Creates original patterns, prints, and textures for the fabrics used in many types of industries.
Trend Forecaster Continually monitors the consumer and industry through traveling, reading, networking and observing creating formal reports that summarise fashion trends and seasonal themes.


UsherA person who escorts members of the audience to their seats and hand out programs.


Visual Merchandiser Responsible for the window installations, displays, signage, fixtures, mannequins, and decorations that give a retail operation aesthetic appeal and distinct image.