Fashion Media Students

The Modern Bride

By Sarah Maher


Ruching, plunging necklines, low-backs, lace and ruffles- the last decade was the epitome of the glamourous bride with a number of memorable designs making waves.

Flash forward to 2020, we are given a more minimalistic take on the modern bride, often incorporating silk into a slip dress, long sleeves to cater for a cooler climate and spaghetti straps for the contrary. 2022 has continued to embrace the versatility of the minimalistic 2020 style with slight variations.

Removable capes, detached sleeves and sheer gloves are the go-to accessories to give a multifaceted feature to a somewhat simple style. Along with the minimalistic wedding dress comes the collective love for toned-down makeup. A thick, bold brow with a smoky eye, sharp contour and a matte lip has transformed into a luminous complexion, pigmented blush and fluffy brows.

Hairstyles have also followed the minimalistic trend with an increase in a sleeker up do- a large inspiration coming from Hailey Bieber’s wedding in 2019. Though previous bridal trends have followed through with keeping consistent for the decade’s entirety, it cannot be certain for this one. With the rise in short dresses, full sleeves, baby blue, florals and multi-layered pieces it’s hard to believe that the coming decade won’t bring about more emerging and unexpected trends.

With the rise in the eclectic design concepts that have been showcased so far, it is fair to say that the 20’s decade is a fearless and exciting chapter for any bride-to-be.