FAQ about Interning

What is an internship? 

An internship is voluntary work experience where you can gain experience and network within the fashion industry.

Can I choose where I want to intern? 

Absolutely! We have over 100 established relationships with fashion companies who are looking for interns. You just need to let the Careers Agency know what you are interested in and if you are suitable for the company an internship can be organised.

How early into my course can I apply for an internship? 

As soon as you feel comfortable you can apply! Most students like to complete a few classes beforehand to get some knowledge of the fashion industry however, it is not compulsory. To get started organise a Careers Chat with the Careers Coordinator Briana.

How long does each internship run for? 

Internships generally run for 1 day per week over a 3-month period however, some companies can have interns assisting for up to 3 days per week and the internship can be extended if both parties are happy to continue on.

How many internships can I do throughout my time at FBI? 

As many as you like! There is no limit on how many you can do throughout your course but you can only complete one internship at a time through FBI.

Can I organise my own internship? 

Yes, but if you would like the hours to go towards your workplace training hours that you are required to complete throughout your course at FBI your supervisor will need to email the Careers Coordinator to confirm all the details of your internship.

What tasks can I expect to be given while interning? 

This depends on the company and what area of the industry you are interning in, however you need to be prepared and willing to start at the bottom and complete basic tasks and help wherever needed-using your initiative is key! You could be doing tasks such as steaming and organising clothes, data entry, filing, cleaning and sourcing images etc.

Will I get a job with the company after I have finished interning? 

There is no guaranteed job afterward, if you work hard and get outstanding feedback it is common to land a paid position when you’re done!

How can I make sure I get outstanding feedback for my time interning? 

Always be punctual (arriving 10min before your start time), well-presented (take note of the office dress code), professional, positive and enthusiastic, do any task that is asked of you with enthusiasm and use your initiative to keep busy at all times. Introduce yourself to everyone in the office and always say hello when you arrive and goodbye when leaving for the day. Don’t miss interning days-this is extremely unprofessional and will reflect negatively on your performance within the fashion industry.


If you have any further questions regarding interning please don’t hesitate to contact The FBI Careers Agency on 02 9566 2020 or careersagency@fbifashioncollege.com.au


Note: Please be aware that the FBI Careers Agency monitors all workplace training closely. If you receive negative feedback or do not attend your confirmed placement, you may not be put forward for any further opportunities and might not be eligible to graduate.