Emma Nott- Head Designer, Creative Director & Fashion Entrepreneur of Ametrine

FBI Student Emma Nott

Head Designer, Creative Director & Fashion Entrepreneur | Ametrine 

1- What was your end goal when you first applied to study at FBI Fashion College?

I loved expressing myself with textiles and fashion has always been an interest of mine. Going into college, I didn’t really have a strong direction in mind. In saying that, I remember when I walked into the College for my interview, I saw the Chariot store and thought to myself I want my designs to be in there by the time I finish….and I did it!

2- How have your experiences at FBI Fashion College assist you in reaching your end goal?

Over my time at FBI I was exposed to many different aspects of the fashion industry and got to try  working in some businesses in areas of the industry that peaked my interest. I suppose that and the continued exploration of my creative style really got me thinking I wanted to start my own label.

3- What inspired you to become a Fashion Designer and start your own business ‘Ametrine’?

I had some strong mentors at the college through internships and during the process of my projects at the college who encouraged me to pursue my passion. For me, having people who believed in me and could offer bits of advice along the way helped a great deal.

4- Tell us more about ‘Ametrine, what is the inspiration behind your pieces?

Ametrine’s design philosophy is built around a sense of uniqueness. I get inspired by materials, techniques and shapes. Going on sourcing trips or spending endless hours on the internet searching for new suppliers is what drives my creativity.

5- How do you start looking for new trends when working on a new project?

Trends aren’t typically the first point of inspiration. I strive to create products that add an element of surprise and curiosity. For new designs I start looking at textures, shapes or material and build the concepts from there.

6- What does a typical day as a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur look like for you?

There is no typical day! What is typical is the long hours and constant workload! I try to focus on one aspect of the business each day, but that gets hard when there are so many looming deadlines!

7- What other roles have you been apart of in the Fashion Industry aside from running your own business?

I started my career by interning with brands like Serpent and the Swan, which quickly turned into sampling and machinist jobs.  I then became part of the Jac+ Jack production team and late last year I had the opportunity to be a Trainer at FBI for the Statement of Atainment of Fashion Design. I have since moved to Perth, where I am currently freelancing within the design and production space.

8- Where do you see your business heading towards to in 5 years time?

My ultimate 5 year goal is to open up a studio shop front where each piece is handmade in the studio then sold in the shop. I also plan to expand to doing workshops and classes to share my knowledge, skills and passion for leather craft with others!

9- What has been your greatest achievement so far in your career?

Being the receipent of the $10 000 FBI Business Iniative Grant! This recognition from the College really propelled me to take the leap into running the business. However, 2018 is shaping up to be one of the greatest years for Ametrine so far.

10- What advice would you give to Fashion students wanting to start their own Fashion Business?

Before you start your business, take time to really evaluate WHY you want to do it. You need a significant amount of passion to push you through the enourmous amount of hard work and to be able to pick yourself up after every hurdle.


Interviewed by Nicole Oraha | FBI Fashion College