A day in the life of an Intern- The Undone


What tasks do you complete when you are interning at The Undone and what is your favourite part about interning there? 

Each week I am given many different tasks such as packaging orders, re-merchandising the website, counting stock, finding blog post inspiration and steaming garments to name a few. My favourite part about interning at The Undone is getting to see and work with all of the amazing ranges of clothes and getting to work alongside such inspiring people.

What was the process that you went through to get your internship at The Undone? 

I was reading the weekly internship send out and I saw The Undone opportunity and was really interested in it, I then contacted Briana at the Careers Agency and she sent my CV to Sara and set up a trial day for me. The Careers Agency made the process so much more straightforward for me as a student.

How long after enrolling at FBI did you start your internship? 

I started interning just one month after I enrolled into FBI.

Were you nervous for your first day? 

It was my first internship so I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but I had no need to be nervous because Sara, Georgia and April could not have been more kind and helpful. The environment of the office was really relaxed, genuine and friendly which made it easy to feel comfortable.

What advice would you give to a fellow student wanting to intern? 

If you see an internship that you want to do but you feel like you might not be ready or experienced enough just contact FBI and go for it! You have nothing to lose and so many valuable skills to gain.

What have you learnt through your internship at The Undone? 

I have learnt the process, details and hard work that goes into running an online business and the importance of great customer service. I have also gained more knowledge on different clothing and accessories brands and how to style new trends.