A day in the life of an Intern- Gucci


How long after enrolling at FBI did you start interning?

My first internship/work experience through FBI was just two weeks after I started classes. It was working at the warehouse sale for Carla Zampatti.

Were you nervous for your first day?

Not at all, just because I have done so many internships since I was 14 it is sort of a natural thing to do. I was mostly hesitant that I had to do it three days a week, but each day is something different, there is always things happening and it is always busy – it is my type of environment.

What is the office environment like and the people you work with?

From the moment I walked into Gucci everyone has been beyond incredibly nice, and helpful. They all work so well as a team, everyone treats each other equally and gets the job done together. On my second day I got to go to a huge advertising meeting with them. They include me in everything and make me feel like I fit in with them and I am as equal as they are. They even took me out to lunch for my birthday! What better place could I intern for!

What tasks do you complete when you are interning at the Gucci head office?

  • Send out and send in of sample products
  • Booking couriers for local and international send outs
  • Digital and editorial clippings (searching magazines and online for Gucci products)
  • Assisting with the organisation of events and showings
  • Helping with advertising campaigns
  • Assisiting Francesca (PR & Communications Manager) plan her trip to Florence for the Cruise 18 show
  • General admin duties and constant clean up

What have you learnt so far through your internship at Gucci?

I have learnt more about the PR world as a whole. I have always been interested in PR but never had much to do with it besides working at GQ. I have learnt about the day to day functions and how things work. I have also learnt so much about GUCCI – how it was created, all the effort that goes into the company as a whole and how it has come so far since Alessandro Michele became the Creative Director.

What is your favourite part about interning?

Working with the Gucci team and learning more and more about the label – Gucci is on such high demand at the moment there is always events to plan and tasks to be done.

Another favourite part was meeting all the bloggers that where coming in for the FW17 showings last week, as well as editors from magazines.

Last but not least the view! The view of the office is incredible – because our office is all glass you have views all around the city and the sunsets are amazing!

What advice would you give to a fellow student wanting to start interning?

If you want to get somewhere within the industry just dive into as many internships as you can, build contacts, build a rapport, build strength, and build knowledge. If you allow yourself to get into multiple internships, you will find out areas you don’t like and areas you may love. Know your mistakes and fix them for next time and never give up. You will find your place eventually, just give it time. Don’t get upset if you are constantly doing coffee runs and complain because remember, everyone starts from the bottom.