A day in the life of an Intern- Golightly PR


What does a day interning at Golightly PR look like? 

A day interning at Golightly usually begins with media monitoring which involves me sorting through different media platforms to find press for our clients. Throughout the day there are often appointments where stylists come to the showroom and pull garments for upcoming shoots and dressing , especially in the lead up to Fashion Week! The rest of the day involves dealing with send outs and returns and general showroom assistance.

What do you wear to your internship? 

I usually try to fit into the “smart casual” category. I do a lot of running around so I try to wear comfortable shoes that are still nice, and if I’m going to wear a heel it will be low like a pair of mules. I often wear these black jeans and a nice top. It’s been so cold lately so I usually wear a nice sweater or coat as well.

Were you nervous on your first day? 

Terrified! I changed my outfit at least twice and got there an hour early to make sure I could find the building without getting lost. Then I went and sat in a nearby cafe until it was an acceptable time to arrive! I soon realised I was nervous for no reason, the team was so nice and welcoming!

What is the office environment and people you work with like? 

The office environment is really fun, all of the girls are so nice and welcoming. Some of them came from FBI themselves after interning so it was cool knowing that they had once been in my position. The environment is a lot more relaxed than I had expected (except in the lead up to fashion week!) which made me feel so much more confident and comfortable.

What is your favourite part about interning? 

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing but if I had to choose, my favourite part would be working in the showroom amongst some of my favourite brands and being a part of the team at Golightly.

What skills and knowledge have you learnt from interning? 

I have gained a better understanding of different target markets and what looks would fit into each category when filling briefs for shoots. I have also gained a better understanding of the different brands in the fashion industry.

What advice would you give to another student who hasn’t yet completed an internship? 

Always be prepared and plan ahead in order to avoid unnecessary stresses and focus on the task at hand. Always offer to help the team when you can and put in 110% of your effort because after all you are there to gain experience and build relationships in the fashion industry. Throw yourself into any opportunity that arises because you’ve got nothing to lose, only experience to gain.